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Position Summary

The Case Manager is responsible for working with clients to provide core support services, develop case plans, coordinate and execute client activities, and participate in the multi-disciplinary treatment team.  This position requires schedule flexibility and on-call duties.  

•    Assist victims with core support services, developing individualized case management plans to restore independence to the clients by accessing available resources.  
•    Development of case management plans should be focused on, but not limited to, finding adequate housing, attaining education, gaining employment, obtaining identification, settling legal matters, and facilitating access to other resources such as mental health and state assistance.  Separate case management plans may be required for children.  
•    Initial client meetings should take place within 24 hours or first business day following client’s entry into CVP programing.
•    Maintain confidentiality and always protect client information in all forms of communication according to CVP policies and procedures.  
•    Notification to Operations Managers of any client grievances and/or urgent needs.
•    Client transportation by CVP vehicle in accordance with CVP’s transportation policy.
•    Approval from Executive Director for all client expenses covered by CVP before expenditure.
•    Maintain a focus on underserved community and their specific needs.
•    Facilitate and maintain evidence-based practices.
•    Conduct outreach and awareness activities to inform the public and victims about domestic/sexual violence and/or human trafficking prevalence, services, and reporting protocols.
•    Collaborate with therapists and other treatment team members to assist clients in the development of case plans.
•    Coordinate services to accomplish client and program goals.
•    Work with Hispanic staff to provide core services to Hispanic clients.
•    Conduct regular audits of case plans to evaluate progress, obstacles, and limitations.
•    Organize client-centered services and activities and provide detailed documentation in compliance with CVP policies and procedures.
•    Participate in regular treatment team meetings about client progress.
•    Ability to present the case management plan, progress, problems, and possible solutions for each client during Treatment Team meetings.
•    Act as a knowledgeable advocate within the legal system, with a working knowledge of procedures for filing for and obtaining Protective Orders.  
•    Adhere to all policies and procedures established by CVP.
•    Answer telephone/hotline calls, providing appropriate assistance, safety planning and referrals.  
•    Greet volunteers and contributors, complete donation forms and take/forward messages.  
•    Promote a sense of community by teaching and modeling cooperation, respect, and responsibility in the residential environment.
•    Bilingual staff assist with interpreting services for victims with limited English proficiency to facilitate core victim services. 
•    Other duties as assigned.


On-Call Duties
•    Answer hotline calls on nights, weekends, and holidays, providing appropriate assistance, safety planning and referrals.
•    Provide emergent crisis response to victims in shelter as needed.
•    Facilitate shelter admissions on nights, weekends, and holidays.
•    Provide approved transportation in accordance with CVP policies.
•    Notify Rapid Response Advocates immediately of any requests for human trafficking services.
•    Respond as requested to serve as a Sexual Assault Advocate for victims at The Bridge or hospitals.

Tower Specific Duties
•    Facilitate MRT groups in accordance with Tower Program service model. 
•    Complete OHTSI for client treatment plan assessment and program evaluation.
•    Collaborate with Rapid Response Advocates for client admission

Required Background
•    Prefer a B.A. or B.S in Social Work, Social Services, Psychology, or other Social Sciences  or related field or be a LPN and have one year case management experience with victims of interpersonal violence or, alternatively, two years case management experience with victims of interpersonal violence.  
•    Possess good organization, written, and oral communication skills.
•    Pass a criminal background check.
•    Possess a valid Mississippi Driver’s License and have a clear Motor Vehicle Record (MVR).

Required Skills
•    Ability to read, write, and speak English;
•    Ability to understand and work within the Team Model;
•    Understands the dynamics of trauma-informed care and has the ability to identify and respond to victims of violence;
•    Demonstrates the ability to exercise and model healthy boundaries with clients and others;
•    Maintains professional working relationships with staff and program stakeholders;
•    Possesses strong problem solving and conflict resolution skills;
•    Ability to work independently with minimal supervision;
•    Ability to operate a computer, multi-line phone, and other office equipment.

•    Salary is dependent on experience and education.  $40,000 - $42.000
•    Hours are fulltime and require some weekend work and on-call duties.

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