Lead therapist

Job Description

Position Summary:

The Center for Violence Prevention trauma therapist offers counseling in a trauma informed care environment for women fleeing domestic violence, sexual assault, or human trafficking.  Therapist provides clinical assessment, brief/long-term individual counseling, trauma recovery, and group counseling, as well as safety and discharge planning. The work schedule is flexible to include some evening hours to accommodate resident schedules. *PLPC will not be considered.



  • Complete treatment plan for each new resident;

  • Document appropriately into resident’s file;

  • Train all staff monthly on Trauma Related Behaviors and Trauma Informed Interventions

Multi-Disciplinary Tasks

  • Review and approve or refer all placement requests;

  • Consult with caseworkers, advocates, etc. for coordination of services for each resident;

  • Attend weekly case reviews with direct care staff.

Physician/Mental Health

  • Schedule psychological evaluations;

  • Schedule psychiatric evaluations;

  • Schedule individual therapy;

  • Schedule group therapy (ex., anger management, substance abuse, parenting classes, etc.)

  • Schedule all required therapeutic follow-up appointments;

  • Consult with mental health practitioners for coordination of care;

  • Provide crisis intervention for each resident as needed;

  • Identify and partner with long-term therapeutic programs for referral purposes;

  • Provide individual counseling on an as-needed basis;

  • Organize and lead therapy groups;

  • Follow-up to insure that psychological evaluations are conducted in a timely manner.

Client Related Tasks

  • Complete therapeutic intake for each new resident within 48 hours of arrival;

  • Discuss with each client weekly progress reports;

  • Provide monthly one-on-one parent discussions for each child client;

  • Review situations requiring resident referral;

  • Attend staff meetings and training as required.

Lead Therapist Duties

  • Facilitate a required therapeutic intake within the first 24 to 48 hours, followed by the client assignment to therapist documented in the client profile note;

  • Monitor therapeutic notes and attachments to ensure punctual documentation;

  • Monitor therapeutic groups, objectives, and outcomes;

  • Facilitate communication between the therapy team and program managers;

  • Coordinate crisis mental health response and referral;

  • Manage the coordination of services to The Tower per policy;

  • Follow up with therapists to maintain continuation of therapeutic services.

Human Resource Tasks

  • Accept on-call duties.

  • NOTE: Included in the duties of your job is the requirement that from time to time you may be required to work overtime as may be directed by the Executive Director.

Required Background:

  • Must provide proof of a valid LPC, MSW or MFT License;

  • Experience in an emergency shelter, residential care facility or related area preferred;

  • Must be 21 years old or older;

  • Must possess a valid driver’s license;

  • Must have no criminal history record convictions of misdemeanor or felony offenses from any state;

  • Must be able to relate to and work well with other staff, clients, volunteers, board members, agency personnel, family members, public, etc.;

  • Must possess good organizational skills;

  • Must be able to work well under pressure, handle emergency situations and crises;

  • Must present and maintain a positive image to the community.



Required Skills:

  • Ability to read, write, and speak English;

  • Ability to understand and work within the Team Model;

  • Understands the dynamics of trauma-informed care and has the ability to identify and respond to victims of violence;

  • Demonstrates the ability to exercise and model healthy boundaries with clients and others;

  • Maintains professional working relationships with staff and program stakeholders;

  • Possesses strong problem solving and conflict resolution skills;

  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision

  • Ability to operate a computer, multi-line phone, and other office equipment.

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