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Para obtener más información sobre nuestro programa de intervención de abuso doméstico, llame a Ben Ellard al 601-503-4881

Servicios a las víctimas

Como podemos ayudar

1. Restore.
2. Support.


Todos tienen derecho a estar a salvo de las amenazas y la violencia, pero usted debe dar el primer paso. Una vez que reconozca que no es su culpa, ¡y es posible cambiar su situación! Es hora de encontrar la ayuda que necesitas.

Every person has the right to a life free from violence.  If you feel that you are in a violent relationship, take the first step toward a violent-free life by contacting us.  We can assist with emergency shelter, an exit safety plan, law enforcement advocacy, therapy for you and your children, case management, and other resources and referrals that can help along the way.

Our Services

at a glance

Case management • Safety planning • Law enforcement and court advocacy • Licensed therapists • In-shelter transportation • Community resource referral • Forensic medical exams • Educational assistance • Virtual Support for Clients in Rural Areas • Specialized programming for children to interrupt the intergenerational cycle of domestic violence • Life skills training • Job training and employment assistance • Emergency room crisis response • Assistance with immigration issues • Hispanic interpreter services

"Over 6250 domestic violence simple assault charges were prosecuted in municipal and justice courts in the State of Mississippi."

- The Center for Violence Prevention Annual Report of 2021

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