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What county areas do you cover for domestic violence and sexual violence?

We provide services for Domestic ViolenceSexual Assault and Forensic Assistance in the the Claiborne, Copiah, Hinds, Issaquena, Madison, Rankin, Sharkey, Simpson, Warren and Yazoo Counties.

Where is information on Human Trafficking victim services?

The Tower, it is the name of the only human trafficking shelter in the state of Mississippi.

Where is information on The Bridge?

The Bridge Forensic Services

What does "Survivors of Homicide" mean?

We offer this program to victims that had a relative die from homicide, which is stemmed from domestic violence. You can view more information and obtain a copy of the PDF on Victim Services.

How can I donate?

Food, clothing, or household items can be donated to our 2nd Chance Store at 409 Roberts St Pearl, MS 39408.

Donate buttons are located on the Home page or on the Get Involved section. If you'd rather donate with check or money order, mail it to our PO BOX 6279 Pearl, MS 39288.

Where do I sign up to volunteer?

Visit our Volunteer page by clicking here.

I know someone in a crisis situation, but she doesn't speak English.

We can still help! A lot of our staff is Spanish bilingual, and those who aren't have the knowledge to operate Google translate. CVP will network with local colleges for a translator to assist with case management.

Why don't victims just "leave"?

  • Fear of reprisals, shame, or humiliation keeps victims trapped in violent homes.

  • Batterers commonly deny responsibility for their behavior by blaming the victim for the abuse.

  • Victims receive strong incentives to stay, such as threats of harm and threats against the victim's children, friends, and family.

  • Victims are urged to responsibility from violence and be blamed.

  • By seeking help from community agencies, victims are too often given answers that encourage them to meet with the aggressor or minimize abuse.

  • The victims are subjected and discouraged by the failed search for help and learn to suffer in silence and isolation.


Esta es una de las formas más sencillas de ayudar a nuestra causa. Creemos que la mejor manera de que nuestras iniciativas tengan éxito es que la comunidad participe activamente. Esta es una manera fácil y eficiente de contribuir al gran trabajo que realizamos en el Centro para la prevención de la violencia. Comuníquese con cualquier pregunta sobre cómo puede ofrecer su tiempo como voluntario hoy.

Toda persona tiene derecho a estar a salvo de amenazas y violencia, pero usted debe dar el primer paso. Una vez que reconozcas que no es tu culpa y puedas cambiar tu situación, busca la ayuda que necesitas.

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