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Get Involved

You Can Make a Difference

Get involved through giving your time!

The volunteers are the lifeline of the Center for the Prevention of Violence. The talents of the members of our community bring a variety of qualified people to the different programs and projects. The Center for the Prevention of Violence has opportunities for community members ranging from construction to support for the retail public, from facilitating life skills training to providing child care.


Become involved through donating merchandise…

The Center For Violence Prevention provides the community an opportunity to donate household goods they no longer need. The Second Chance Store allows the organization to store many of these goods to help clients leaving an abusive relationship transition into their own living environment and to have clothing for themselves and their children.


Become aware of what your state and federal government legislative bodies are doing to improve the plight of those in domestic violence situations and human trafficked victims. Speak to your legislators about what they can do to improve state and federal laws and grant support for domestic violence or human trafficking prevention.

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