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Honoring Heather

“We at Heathers TREE wanted to honor Heather’s legacy on this, the 15th year since her death in 2007, by making this donation to the Center for Violence Prevention. It is our goal, our hope and our mission, to help women in unsafe domestic situations by providing these funds to support them in their time of need. Heather had a heart full love for her family and friends, always putting others first and we know, she has a part in our mission to help other women. We feel her presence with us and we will always love and miss her and her beautiful smile and loving heart. We pray this donation does indeed, make a small difference in the lives of those who need it and deserve a chance at a better, safer life.” - Heather’s TREE

“CVP is grateful and honored to be chosen to keep Heather’s memory alive. The love her friends and family have for her shines through this donation and continues to help victims who are in danger. We continue to lift up Heather’s friends and family as they demonstrate such strength and grace. Thank you.” - Sandy Middleton

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