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Netflix "Cuties" and Everyday Exploitation

Most adults would be immediately alarmed by the mature rating on a Netflix film obviously based on young girls dancing and writhing on the floor for attention. I’ve been asked multiple times what our thoughts are on this film, so here it goes.

First, like most of you, I’m disgusted by the film, as I also imagine how many pedophiles have watched it repeatedly. Unfortunately, we’ve lost our way when it comes to the value we, as a society, place on our young girls…and boys! This film clearly exploits and sexualizes young girls for adult entertainment. That should be enough said on that point.

Second, I’m perplexed by the outrage of many who seem to only be interested in sensationalized stories such as this and choose to only exercise their shock and horror for widely publicized stories, such as Cuties and Epstein. I want to encourage local adults and parents to demonstrate those same emotions toward the same types of exploitation of children right under our noses, many times right on our children’s mobile devices on apps such as TikTok and Snapchat.

Young girls and boys are being sexually exploited, molested and trafficked right in our community. In our last fiscal year, the Center for Violence Prevention assisted 115 victims of sex trafficking, many of them children. Many of these victims are sold and traded for drugs, money and power, even by their own families. Please know that these victims are not snatched from a parking lot but lured away, promised gifts and a good life, many times through social media. It can happen to any child, and it’s up to parents and adults to protect them from exploitation.

Mississippi has some serious work to do protecting our children. It’s a fact that children who are trafficked, as a general rule, have borne the sins of the adults who have exploited them and are often locked in detention centers, blamed and thrown away for running away from these unsafe environments. Our state refuses to fund an immediate or long-term program specific for child victims of trafficking and continues to make the same mistakes by not acknowledging and properly treating and prosecuting childhood sexual exploitation. We’ve only recently begun to change our perspective on protecting our children with the passage of 2019 and 2020 legislation.

Let me urge you and all Mississippians to rise up…over a movie if you feel so led, but, most importantly for Mississippi’s children! AND, STOP SHOWING THE MOVIE TRAILER!!!! If you want to get involved, follow the Center for Violence Prevention and join our Magnolia Movement!!

Join the Magnolia Movement! Host a fundraiser, volunteer, or make a donation that will help facilitate the recovery for victims of human trafficking in our state.

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